Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dime Piece

Haven't updated in a while because my life is so overwhelmingly glamorous I just can't find the time anymore.

And by glamorous, I mean Porter works a lot (blast those ridiculous hours spent working at Goldman Sachs) so we haven't had too many stories to report. BUT we did get to see each other for 5 whole days in April. It was pure magic.

It was on our little extended weekend getaway that I posted this picture to Insta/FB.

First of all, I need to disclose just how creepy Facebook is. One day, I'm scrollin' through my feed when I notice a Nike ad. It featured the above t-shirt. How the crap did Facebook know that my husband only wears Nike, has one arm, and that he loves shooting hoops? And we all thought face recognition was scary...

Getting off track. Sorry. So, I see this shirt and I immediately purchase it. Obvi. I thought it was hilarious. Because it is.

Well my favorite blog troll doesn't find my sense of humor appealing for some bizarre reason. If you are unfamiliar with our frequent hater, you are going to want to read this post as well.

I get an email/fb message nearly every time I post. Since we were on our anniversary trip, I totally forgot about an exchange the two of us had.

Fortunately, I documented it.

Well after that, the troll left me alone for a bit. But then my mom posted this picture:

Pretty innocent, no? Just a little family outing with my cute siblings and our favorite teeny tike.

The troll got pissed for a new reason:

I get asked about this crazy a lot, so I figured I better provide you with an update and a reason to smile.

Until next time,



  1. While these exchanges are funny, jiminy crickets, your troll is really starting to get on MY nerves haha. Holy smokes. Like, just give it a rest already.