Monday, October 13, 2014

Costume Crisis

Ok, so it's not really a crisis. I'm just a fan of alliteration. We can't decide on Halloween costumes this year...too many options. And by too many, I mean just 4. This is what we have come up with and we want our friends/family help to decide. Here are the contenders:

1. Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas

Sorta creepy, but it is Halloween. Rag tag Sally is known for losing her limbs.

Pros: It's a classic.
Cons: Porter has to be a girl. Again.

2. Captain America and the Winter Soldier

 Who doesn't love the captain and his BFF in action?

Pros: I get to be Captain America. All the reason I need.
Cons: We have to use the freaky prosthetic arm as a prop.

3. Nemo and Dory

Who doesn't love this Disney Pixar classic? We are worried people won't understand the reference though.

Pros: It works because Nemo has a "hurt fin." And it's the right one. Totes perf.
Cons: I was a nautical-type character last year.

4. Captain Hook and the Crocodile

Pros: Another animal costume? Yes please.
Cons: Too cliche? Maybe.

So there you have it. Leave a comment on FB or the blog post directly and let us know which "one-arm" themed costume you would like to see us rock on Halloween. Happy Fall!

Just as a reminder, we were Soul Surfer and a shark last year. Topping that may be difficult.