Thursday, January 30, 2014

Relief Society Misfit

Porter and I recently moved up to Orem. By recently, I mean in November. Our new ward is cool, but there is one down side to it…I have to be in Relief Society. Like real Relief Society.

Let’s be honest, BYU student ward Relief Society doesn’t count. It’s just Young Women’s Plus. When Porter and I got married and were in our first ward, I was put in YW, which is obviously where I (and my maturity level) belong.

I came home on Sunday feeling a little bit down on the whole thing because I realized two things:

1.     I’m the youngest person there by like 25 years…easy.
2.     I’m a terrible traditional Mormon.

In my conversations with my newfound sisters, I have found I don’t quite fit the mold. But then again, I prefer being a trend setter.

In conclusion, I have learned that it is going to take me a while to fit in. Here are 10 reasons why:

When I admit I don’t have a year supply…or a week supply:

When I say I have never learned how to sew because I have a really awesome Grandma who does it all for me:

When I pass on signing up for ward choir because I have a man voice and can’t play an instrument:

When I say I don’t have kids yet because I’m enjoying my career for now (and I'm only 22):

When I don’t sign up for the quilting group:

When I share a list of my favorite things to do and DIY crafts don’t make the cut:

When I sincerely plead for a BYU basketball overtime win in the opening prayer:

When I fail to suppress the noises my stomach makes on fast Sunday:

When I say I can’t come to “recipe exchange night” because I would rather play in my intramural soccer game:

When I tell them I’m from California:

And I'm all like:

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  1. Carlie, where in Orem are you living? My fiance lives near 800 N and 700 W